Ground Zero | Dance Outreach Program

Sutra Foundation shares its Dance Outreach program in three out-of-major town areas that offers opportunity to children and teenagers (from age 6 to 15 years old) to train in dance. Youths of these areas are insufficiently exposed to life’s empowering standards as they grow in environments which are normally saturated with commercialism and confusing values. The program’s major objective is to provide the best teaching methods and early exposure to the exciting and creative world of Indian dance. Through the program, we hope to develop their love for timeless traditional values and, eventually, themselves, be the cultural bridges for the communities. Simultaneously, Sutra is also keen to discover new dance talents outside city centres. Odissi (rather than bharatanatyam) - an exquisite classical dance from Eastern India which has been successfully transplanted in Malaysia – serves as the dance discipline chosen to kindle this physical and character transformation.

Sutra Foundation